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3 Ways Financing Options Can Help Your Commercial Customers

Financing options don’t just help homeowners – they support small and medium businesses too. And this can be especially appealing for businesses that want to invest in energy improvements like solar, air conditioning and LED lighting. Often these businesses, like farmers, mechanics, hairdressers and showroom-based retailers, are fed up with rising power bills eating into their profits. They want to make their business more energy efficient, or invest in improvements that will grow their business, however high upfront costs can stand in the way. This is where financing comes in.

Once businesses are aware of the financing options available, their need or desire for business upgrades can quickly translate into a sale, as the cost barrier is removed. Finance features such as ‘easy application’ and ‘flexible payment terms’ can give businesses the confidence they need to proceed without further delays. The result? Commercial sales conversations become easier when you and your sales agents are armed with financing options, such as Brighte payment plans.

Here are 3 Reasons How Financing Options work for Commercial Customers

  1. Helps to Maintain Cash Flow

Maintaining short term cash flow or liquidity is a key reason why small businesses seek finance. By covering the cost of a large business improvement with a payment plan, working capital can be  conserved. Spreading repayments with no large initial outlay frees up cashflow, not just for operational expenses but also for growth opportunities, such as new or improved goods or services. The cash flow benefits of a payment plan can  also help businesses manage cash flow efficiently – as delays associated with providing goods or services and customers paying invoices are easier to manage when a level of working capital is retained.

  1. Brings Tax Benefits within Reach*

Businesses that invest in new technology or equipment can benefit from tax advantages – such as the instant asset write-off tax concession that has been increased to $30,000 and extended to 30 June 2020. Assets over $30,000 can still be depreciated as a tax deduction over the life of the asset. When businesses understand they can finance certain investments with a payment plan there are further incentives for taking advantage of tax benefits, without the need to find funds to pay upfront in .

  1. Makes the Experience Quick and Hassle Free

Small and medium business owners are often time poor, cutting back on other activities to spend more time working on their business. This means the more tools you have to make the sales process easy, the better. Financing is one such tool. When it comes to financing, businesses often want a smooth and fast application process, flexible payment terms and more. This is where Brighte comes in – Brighte payment plans^ for commercial customers can cover purchases up to $75,000 with terms of up to 60 months, all with no early pay-out fees. So business customers can choose the product they really want. Plus, the application process is 100% online with fast approval turnarounds, and no supporting financials or security requirements.

Grow your Sales Pipeline with Commercial Deals

Financing options help Australian businesses invest in improvements today rather than tomorrow. Bringing them benefits, such as energy savings, sooner rather than later. As one Brighte commercial customer, motel owner Robert from Narrandera, NSW points out:

Thanks to a payment plan from Brighte our motel business is equipped with a whopping 100+ rooftop solar panels. With a 31.5 kw system now working hard for us I’m waiting with baited breath for our first post solar bill! The process with Brighte went smoothly and at the end of the day we got what we wanted – a solar powered business!”

– Robert Dunn, Fig Tree Motel

Still not sure? Here’s 5 reasons to close deals with a Brighte payment plan.


* The information provided is general in nature only and does not constitute taxation advice. You should consult your own financial advisor regarding these matters

^Commercial 0% Interest Payment Plan: Loan term range from 6-60 months. Finance amount $1,000 -$75,000. Fees applicable include: $250.00 Establishment Fee, $55.00 Ongoing Annual Fee, $1.00 Weekly Account Keeping Fee.  Late payment fee of $4.99 may be charged by Brighte in the event of missed payment

3 Reasons How Financing Options Can Help Your Commercial Customers



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