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Choosing a solar retailer

You’ve had the brighte idea to go solar. Choosing the right installer is a big next step. They’ll be a great source of info and inspo as you decide which system is right for you.

We love our accredited vendor partners becuase we know them so well. The best way to find a match is to request a quote here.

Solar financing
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What happens after you request a quote

You’ll hear from a Brighte accredited vendor

They’ll arrange a time to drop by your home and answer any questions

They’ll send you a quote through our platform so you can easily accept it or enter your pre_approval details (get pre-approved).

Your Brighte vendor will get in touch with your energy company and confirm system requirements.

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Questions to ask your solar retailer

Ask about warranties on panels, inverter and any other products plus the installation.

Cover off what might happen if anything needs to cahnge after you’ve been quoted. Make sure you can cancel or change too.

Write down the details of your solar design and performance so you can look back on it later.

Planning a solar project

Quotes and contracts

We think having 3 quotes is a pretty good number. It’s not too many to manage but enough to get a good comparison of price, system size and performance.

The things to look for in a quote:

Clear breakdown of costs
A list of all components and products
A performance estimate
A Brighte payment plan
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Use a finance option

You knew this tip was coming, right? Paying for your solar panels with Brighte takes away the hassle and the upfront cost.

0% interest payment plan - The name says it all, 0% interest financing with fortnightly repayments.
Brighte Green Loan - For energy efficient products such as solar, batteries, electrical and air-conditioning.
Solar financing