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Apply for the newly announced South Australian Home Battery Scheme Subsidy^ and finance* the remainder of your purchase with Brighte.

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Available to 40,000 households, South Australians can now access $100 million in State Government subsidies to help pay for the installation of home battery systems.

Along with the subsidy, Brighte is offering interest-free finance to help households pay for the balance of the subsidised battery and new or additional solar if required.

Brighte accredited vendors Solar Man, Sunny Energy, Evans Electrical, Sol Energy,Advanced All Energy & Allstate Solar are offering Brighte 0% interest payment plans^.

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*All Brighte payment plans subject to

Brighte’s lending criteria & fees. 

Visit the official South Australian Home Battery Scheme website here.

*Full Terms of the Home Subsidy scheme apply.
^All Brighte payment plans subject to Brighte’s fees and lending criteria.

Home Battery Scheme

The subsidy is available to all South Australians, and calculated on the kilowatt hour capacity of the battery purchased. Furthermore, Energy Concession Holders are eligible for a higher subsidy, ensuring low-income households are supported to access the Scheme. Click here for the customer eligibility form.

Small batteries can receive a subsidy of up to $3,000 with large batteries able to receive up to $6,000.

Home Battery Scheme subsidy levels

Energy concession holder All other households
$600.00 per kilowatt hour (kWh) $500.00 per kilowatt hour (kWh)



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Is a home battery right for me?

How does a battery work?

Solar panels convert sunlight into energy, however this needs to be used during daylight hours. Batteries store unused energy generated by solar panels, with the excess available once the sun goes down. This means reduced electricity bills for households with solar and batteries and less demand on the grid as your household stores and uses more energy independently.

See the below links for helpful guides about solar batteries.

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