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Why the future of energy in Australia is looking bright(e)

Brighte's Head of Operations and Head of Product for Energy discuss the opportunities ahead for the constantly evolving energy industry.

20 January 2022

Making sustainable energy a reality for everyone in Australia is a big, bold challenge, but Brighte’s jumped right in and is going full steam ahead as we charge up for 2022. Looking after the planet is on everyone’s minds right now as we continue to see changes in how we generate electricity.

We’ve already made our mark at Brighte and we’re excited to keep transforming the market with our innovative, sustainable solutions. What’s more, as it's early days in our journey, nothing’s set in stone as we all learn what works, together. Everyone here is free to experiment and make their voice heard as they help to shape where we go from here. There’s also ample opportunity for advancement and promotion in our empowered and autonomous environment.

It’s the best time to join us! Read what Sindhoor Pakkala - Head of Operations, Energy - and Josh Devenny - Head of Product, Energy - have to say below about their Brighte experience and the opportunities ahead for the constantly evolving energy industry.

We’re part of something fresh and exciting

Sindhoor - Head of Operations, Energy

“Brighte is a disruptive and innovative brand, authentic to the core about our cause and promise to customers. Customers today are not just more financially savvy, but environmentally and sustainability-conscious too, and this is inspiring a host of new products and technologies coming down the pipeline.

At Brighte, we’re cutting out the noise by offering transparent, gimmick-free and reliable sustainable solutions, and guaranteed savings.

Our team comprises a vast array of skills and backgrounds, which allows for robust discovery sessions and creative thinking. We’re exposed to highly dynamic environments and learning experiences and don’t get pigeonholed into one area or stream. It’s nothing like a typical corporate company with red tape and bureaucracy, but rather a culture that encourages everybody to make suggestions and be part of decisions.”

Josh - Head of Product, Energy

“This is going to be one of the defining decades of this century. We are in the midst of a fundamental shift in how energy works. Solar energy has traction already and in the next few years, Australia will really make its impact in terms of carbon emissions and how we drive the use of electricity.

 In the energy team at Brighte, we are taking a technology-first approach, unlike energy retailers of the past. We’re starting with tech and building up a large team of software engineers, product researchers, UX designers and product managers, as well as traditional functions like energy operations and compliance. Failure is totally OK because our goal is to move quickly, learn quickly and try new things quickly. And I have to say, we have a lot of fun along the way!

So if you're motivated by big, hairy challenges, now's the time to join Brighte - there’s a giant wave coming for renewable energy, and we’re in there before the inflection point of the explosion of electric vehicles and batteries etc.”

Why the future of energy in Australia is looking bright(e)


“Did you know Australia enjoys the highest level of solar radiation per square metre of all seven continents? Going solar in Australia offers an unparalleled chance for homeowners to permanently lower their electricity bills by 30-60% with clean, renewable energy and also reduce their carbon emissions.

It’s probably not surprising then - though still a point of pride – that Aussies continue to lead the way in uptake of rooftop solar. This has reduced our emissions by over 17.7 million tonnes, which will only increase in the future. Our market is truly ripe for the sustainable solutions that Brighte will keep on providing.

Solar increasingly qualifies as mature technology, but ongoing innovation is assured. Efficiency gains and cost reductions continue to make the technology even more attractive; PV cells that last longer, new inverter, battery and cost-reduction technology, electric vehicles are becoming mainstream, EV charging infrastructure and accessories – the list goes on. There’s also a continued rigour to utilise and integrate solar energy that’s going to lead to constant increases in product offerings catering to energy storage and management, and so on."


“Australia is leading the world when it comes to solar energy, and we're only just at the very beginning. Now, Brighte is getting ready for all the newer trends coming in, such as batteries.

Whether they’re batteries you put on your wall or batteries you drive around in on four wheels, they’re set to take off in a big way because they’re going to be far cheaper than coal or petrol power. That’s going to lead to an explosion of energy storage for average households, something that’s never been accessible to most houses before. Brighte is going to make sure that that transition is easy and importantly, highly beneficial, for customers.

Further to that, as households contribute about 25% of Australia's emissions, changing the household sector will have an incredible impact on carbon emissions too.”

Opportunities in store for the team


“Where do we start! We are in pilot phase, and are running multiple experiments in parallel at the moment.

In terms of individual development, ‘learning’ is a key focus at Brighte. With our teams growing fast, we’re focused on setting a strong foundation that ensures accurate, compliant, timely and seamless onboarding and customer service journeys, as well as continuous learning on the job.”

It’s an exciting time to join Brighte, and as our team grows we have a number of varied roles available. See our website for job listings and more information.

Keep an eye on our careers page


“Our energy team has just launched a new energy business that’s currently being piloted in the market. 2022 will be all about finding that product market fit, making sure that customers love what we're building and taking that publicly to a much broader market across the whole NEM (National Electricity Market). This stretches from the top of Queensland to Tasmania and South Australia

There’s a lot of technology we need to build to do that, which means we’re going to need a lot of smart people. Engineers, operations, customer service staff. Product managers and designers. We have roles across the board that we're really, really interested in hiring and we have big plans.”

Is Brighte the perfect next step for you?


"We’ve built an amazing open and collaborative culture here, so we’re looking for like-minded and ambitious people who are comfortable wearing multiple hats and can work autonomously. We want people who are agile in approach, critical thinkers, and are hungry for both self-development and being part of driving external change.

Also, Brighte is a very customer-focused business, so we need people who will be champions for the customer."


"Brighte’s a relatively small company still, which means it can be chaotic at times, but moreover, it makes it exciting!

We move quickly and we’ve always got big challenges on our plate, so the things we look for in people are initiative and adaptability, as well as strong drive. We look to learn quickly here, so people who are explorers, people who are open to having their minds changed and learning new things all the time, are very welcome at Brighte.

Culture-wise, we’re very open and transparent, which means you need to be good at working in a cross-functional and collaborative environment. Everything is shared with the team and everyone has input, no matter what level you are on the strategy."