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Solar panels on a small house

Solar and battery purchasing information

Are you thinking about installing a solar panel and battery system on your home? Solar and a battery on your home can bring many benefits.

By Carly Nichols

23 November 2020

What are the advantages of having a solar panel and battery? 

  • Energy independence: Installing a solar system and battery creates energy independence as you use the energy generated from your system before using energy generated by the main electrical network.
  • Grid support: A hybrid system is still connected to the main electricity grid. Allowing the system to pull the required additional energy into the system, once energy has been depleted from your solar panels. 
  • Reduced energy bills: As you utilise the energy generated from your own solar system and battery first, your energy bill will decrease as you are not purchasing as much energy from the grid.

How do solar panels and battery work?

Solar panels generate energy from the sun, which in turn charges the solar batteries. Once the sun goes down, energy generated and stored in the batteries is used to run appliances in the home.

What size battery do I need?

The size of your battery depends on a range of factors including your energy usage, requirements, size of your solar system and more.

What makes my house a good candidate for solar and battery systems?

Many factors impact the suitability of a home for solar panels and battery. Firstly, understanding your energy consumption is important to make informed choices. For instance, you may be able to reduce your energy bills by changing your habits and appliances to more energy-efficient products. 

If you are proceeding with the installation consider the following: 

  • What is the orientation of your roof? depending on which way your roof faces the sun, you may need more or fewer panels 
  • Do you have large trees, or is your roof shaded at a certain time of the day? If your roof is shaded throughout the day, this will impact how well your solar panels operate. 
  • What time of the day/ night are you using the most energy? 

Interested in finance options? 

Brighte offers the 0% Interest Payment Plan and the Brighte Green Loan, check out our repayment calculator.