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Solar panels on a garage

“It made sense to install solar”

Protecting our environment is one of the reasons Shane and his wife Vicky, from Fernvale in Queensland, decided to install 24 solar panels. Their other key motivation was the potential for huge cost savings.

By Carly Nichols

14 October 2018

Having worked in coal mines for most of his life Shane Abraham is acutely aware that we need to start moving to more sustainable energy sources.

Shane and Vicky were confident that they would call their current property ‘home’ for a long time to come and so, in their words, “it made sense to install solar”. They started their solar journey with plenty of groundwork – including internet research and speaking with friends whose homes were already powered by the sun. 

They quickly moved forwards with Sky Solar Energy - and it was Sky Solar Energy that recommended to Shane and Vicky a payment plan from Brighte.  

As Shane explains “The 0%interest payment plan and regular instalments were very appealing and the process was hassle free. I had recently moved from full time to casual work and so we weren’t in a position to fund the solar panels outright or to make a large down payment. My wife and I were very happy with the helpful customer service from Brighte – they even offered us flexibility on our repayments to ensure the regular due date worked with our cash flow needs.” 

Going forwards Shane expects their electricity bills to reduce by over 50% especially if they make smart choices with power usage, for example running key appliances during off peak times. Looking ahead Shane can see how they will really reap the rewards once the solar system is fully paid off. He is already thinking ahead to enhancing his future wealth by investing the savings from solar back into his superannuation. 

What’s next on Shane and Vicky’s energy journey? “We will consider installing a battery as they become more affordable – especially knowing that we could spread the cost through a payment plan with Brighte.”  

With immediate savings to be had Shane’s words of encouragement to others considering solar are simple: “Definitely look into it – installing solar is a move in the right direction.”