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"Installing solar panels and a Tesla battery was the best thing we ever did."

"Installing solar panels and a Tesla battery was the best thing we ever did."

By Carly Nichols
Alex generated his own energy
Alex generated his own energy

Nick and his wife Lily, from Brooklyn Park in South Australia, didn’t hesitate to enhance their newly built home with solar panels and a Tesla battery. The high and rising cost of electricity in Adelaide drove the couple to make a smart decision to power their home with the sun. 

“In 2017 we were building a brand new home with Metricon and so it felt like the right time to move to solar. Our panels and also a Tesla battery were both installed within one month after the build was finished.” 

Having committed all of their available funds to their new home Nick and Lily didn’t let installation costs act as a barrier to their energy improvements. Rather they took a recommendation from their chosen energy company, Energy Rating Systems, to look into a Brighte payment plan. A little research later and the couple were comfortable. As Nick outlines “I checked out reviews of Brighte online and the experience of previous customers reassured me that Brighte would be easy to deal with and that the process would be hassle free.” 

Only a few short months after installation and Nick boasts that installing solar and battery power has been “the best thing I ever did”.  

When it comes to his new look bills Nick explains “Before our new home was finished we were living next door with my mother and our electricity bills were as high as $1,000 per quarter. Amazingly our first bill in our new solar powered home was only $36.19 per quarter – or only 41c per day for 89 days. I couldn’t believe it when I saw the bill – that’s an average daily usage of just 2.58kw.” 

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Based on his new look bills Nick expects the payback period on his investment to be five years, after which they are excited to start making real savings. Real savings that they will consider putting towards a second Tesla battery. 

Nick predicts that electricity costs are only going to continue to go north. So it’s no surprise that he is active in spreading the solar word of mouth – proudly showing off his post solar bills to family members and friends. His advice to others is simple “Don’t hesitate to take the next step with home energy improvements – it’s the best investment I ever made and it could be yours too.” 

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