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Arkana Energy leads over 90% of residential sales with Brighte – find out why

“When it comes to finance solutions, we have tried them all and Brighte is definitely the smoothest and easiest to deal with.”

By Carly Nichols

26 November 2019

After starting in the solar industry as an installer, Tyson Stronach founded Arkana Energy Group in 2012 on the Gold Coast and in Brisbane’s suburbs. Once he had successfully established the business in Queensland, expansion to Sydney, Newcastle and regional NSW soon followed. Only six years on, Arkana Energy has over 5,000 solar installs under their belt on residential and commercial premises across the country. 

The company’s goal has always been to provide high quality solar products at a fair price. They want their customers to confidently access solar technology and feel secure in their investment.  

What motivates the now 60 strong Arkana team is the difference they are making – not only to homeowners but also the environment. “We give customers the chance to make use of reliable energy systems which are not only safe, but comfortable for their pocket and the environment,” Tyson Stronach, Arkana Energy’s Managing Director explains.  

When it comes to successful sales conversations, the Arkana team always talk about how solar can pay for itself and how a high quality solar system doesn’t have to come with a large upfront cost. Brighte supports them with this conversation – because over 90% of the time, Arkana’s sales reps are having conversations with their customers about Brighte as a finance option.  

Why such a laser focus on financing? Put simply, because it works. As Tyson summarises, “If we didn’t have a finance option like Brighte, our business model wouldn’t work as well – we would really struggle to get sales. As much as people want solar, or think they want it, asking them to part with between $5,000 and $10,000 for the system – well not many families are in a position to spend that much money right away.”  

What follows is a fast finance approval – “When the customer agrees and we say ‘the next step is to get your finance approved’ they’re then blown away by how quick it is. Customers always tell us how easy it was, that they were provided a decision within 30 minutes in their own home. This makes our business look good too by showing that we’re really organised and have all of our ducks in a row.” 

It’s no surprise then that Tyson would encourage others to offer a finance solution like Brighte – “When it comes to finance solutions, we have tried them all and Brighte is definitely the smoothest and easiest to deal with.” 

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