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Alex's journey to generating his own energy

Alex's journey to generating his own energy

By Alex

“You can’t underestimate the peace of mind we get from generating our own energy.”

Alex is happily protected against rising electricity prices and one step closer to being self-sufficient.

Alex and Kate own a three-bedroom home and have one young daughter. They installed x14 SE500 SP-E20-327W solar panels and a Tesla Power Wall 2 battery (13.5 Kwh) in 2017.

Unlike many who convert their home from conventional to clean energy guaranteed ‘real savings’ wasn’t top of their list of motivations.

During his research journey Alex calculated that their chosen package wouldn’t deliver guaranteed ‘real’ cost savings over their life of the equipment. He was confident that his bills would reduce dramatically, which they have, but knew that those savings would be used to fund the investment. Instead the family’s goal was to become self-sufficient and to protect themselves against rising electricity prices.

As Alex explains: “After much research myself and Kate saw our move to green energy as a good investment even if our immediate energy savings would simply cover the cost of the equipment. Peace of mind was a big driving factor for us. You can’t underestimate the peace of mind we get from generating our own energy - we’re hedging ourselves against rising electricity prices. Should prices continue to rise then we could be enjoying real savings, beyond the initial cost. Installing solar panels and a battery was also a small price to pay for the good conscience that comes from being environmentally friendly.”

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The family had two strong reasons to include a Telsa battery in their home energy package. In Alex’s words: “Firstly it made sense. With the feed in tariffs being low for me at least there’s no real upside to generating your own power during the day and feeding it back into the grid. Instead because typically no one is home during the day it made more sense to store this power in the battery for our own use at night. Secondly our battery is also part of a plan to one day purchase an electric car.”

When it comes to financing their home energy improvement Alex weighed up drawing the funds from his home loan versus taking out a payment plan with Brighte. With the interest rate on his home loan around 4% per annum Alex is clear that “common sense dictated that we took up an interest-free payment plan from Brighte; put simply we are much better off this way”.

The Spurzem family are also much better off when it comes to their new look energy bills. Prior to installing solar their Summer bill was $537 per quarter, or $5.80 per day. It’s a daily cost that for the most recent Summer they’ve seen reduced to just $2, or $184 per quarter. No wonder then that with savings of over 60% their mind has already turned to adding extra panels to their Sydney home.

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